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Starks Worldwide Inc. presents... 

 Proposed Angel Investment – Vocabrio Executive Summary

Starks Worldwide Inc. Products and Market Outlook

Starks Worldwide is focused on developing a cloud based app technology and method to disrupt the way people are currently using translation tools and learning languages online. 


Progressive Web Application (PWA):“Vocabrio” (Current approved and registered .com name)

Industry: Language Translation, Travel and Education
Revenue Streams:Micropayment crowd funding by users and brands to receive pro translations from Vocabrio linguists. Plus, a potential freemium subscription with advanced features.




The principals of Starks Worldwide are seeking Angel investment to advance its prototype demo into a fully functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product) developed as a progressive web application for Android and IOS. In addition, the MVP will include a fully configured cloud based backend on companies such as,  Amazon, Microsoft or Google Cloud with a full-featured desktop site for users who want to only do translations.



  1. .com Name Registration with clean SEO. Limited marketing congestion.

  2. /Vocabrio Social Media channels registered for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google

  3. Trademark search completed and filed.

  4. Clickable Mobile Prototype completed.Roadmap with Gantt chart (Current MVP Launch date Q3-4 2022, pending investment close)

  5. Completed competitive analysis and market viability study.

  6. 50% Design and UX completed.


Investment Terms and early company Valuation: (TBD)

  1. Seeking $500,000 angel investment for team of 5 people. (COO, Linguistics advisor Professor from Harvard University and Developers)

  2. Valuation at $2,000,000. Up to 25% ownership available for initial investment

  3. Equity tranches at 5% for each min $100k investment or 2.5% for each $50k

Complete Executive Summary, Pitchdeck, 17-page Project Sheet containing: CORE SYSTEM - WEB SYSTEM - APP SYSTEM  and  27 page SYSTEM OVERVIEW presentation and finally, a 3 min. character animation  presentation of APP. 

(Passwords for all info above available upon request)

Julian Starks is an accomplished Photographer, Filmmaker, Producer, Screenwriter, Digital Editor and Published Author with book released Worldwide May 2020, as well as his feature film distributed Worldwide June 2021. 

Contact Information:

Julian Stark - CEO / Founder

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